24 November 2010

A short note on kustom motorcycles.

It's spelled "custom', with a damn C. Not a K. Even if you went to the "Old Skool".  Thank you and have a good night.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy the long weekend!

19 November 2010

Just a picture of some motorcycles...

I don't really have anything to talk about right now, but I wanted to see if the blog was automatically posting to our facebook group yet. Lisa Ballard was kind enough to set that up for me, since it involved HTML and other really scary stuff. Lisa Ballard rocks for doing that!

17 November 2010

So this is the Atom Bomb blog....

For those of you that don't know me I'm Clay Rathburn, the head floor sweeper at Atom Bomb Custom Motorcycles. We make custom Triumph motorcycles, building frames, engines and most of our sheetmetal in house. I thought this blog might be a fun excuse to take artsy pictures of our work as we go along, since we usually only put completed projects on our actual website.

Put up with me while I learn how to use this thing and hopefully I'll make it worth your while. I normally post updates and progress reports on our Facebook page, hopefully I'll figure out how to link to that from here so I don't have to do everything twice.

There's some pegs I made the other day for a current project. Not that there's anything special about them, I just wanted to try posting a picture.