10 January 2011

Rollah, rollah, ayatollah

Before we go any further, if you are uncomfortable with extreme levels of awesomeness, please do NOT view these pictures!

So the Atom Bomb Motorcycles/Race Tech Suspension dirtbike project is finally a roller. It will need a bit of suspension tuning once it's completed, and we'll be bringing the ride height down about two inches....but it's up on suspension!
Have a few pictures. Big pics if you click. By the way, in these pictures it's at full droop sitting on a 16" stand.


  1. Holy poo poo. That is the bombizzle.

    You gotta take that on the run.

  2. Neat as a very neat thing, hope you've got the legs to suit.

  3. Pretend I made that fender out of aluminum. Then panited it black.

    I will take this under advisement.

  4. Clay -

    I bombed all around the Michigan's Upper Peninsula (da UP) in the mid 70's with a set of Preston Petty fenders on my Penton. If you look at this as a 70's scrambler - plastic is just fine...as long as it's period plastic.

    Second - that swingarm pivot continues to look high; be interesting to see what it looks like loaded.

  5. Can't wait to see this thing in action.

  6. Chuck, these are the same pictures as on the Journal. It's been lowered since by relocating the upper shock mounts (again). Right at 12" of ride height now which is a heavy 3" less, I just haven't shot good pics again.