14 July 2011

Gear from Geared Up Designs

We got something in the mail today from our friend Ava at Geared Up Designs. Using old motorbike parts, Ava makes some great little items to spruce up your office, home and garage; everything from helmet hooks to lamps, and even amazing coffee tables.

She was kind enough to send us a business card holder for our new showroom (or my desk in my super secret hidden office!) and it's a really cool piece. A well thought out arrangement of parts all carefully cleaned and TIG welded together, no popping it together with a blob of MIG weld here! I love the piece she sent us, it reminds me of an old winged tire logo. Check out a few pictures of it, as well as one of her coffee table that we swiped from her Facebook, because she doesn't have pictures of it on her official site.

1 comment:

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