29 August 2011

Funny what you find inside old engines...

We're getting ready to build a street tracker for a client in New York. He picked up the donor, a Trackmaster frame with a '67 unit Triumph motor and brought it down here a little while back. It's got Betor forks, Barnes quick change hubs, and as it turns out one HELL of a motor.

We pulled the exhaust off the other day. At the other end of the ports (which are pretty large-ish) were the largest exhaust valves I have EVER seen in a Triumph motor. One of them happened to be all the way open too, and I promise it was far enough off the seat to stick a finger into. Big, BIG lift. Pulled off the rocker covers and discovered lightened, polished and shimmed rockers, with aluminum nuts locking the adjusters.

So then we decided to unscrew the intake manifolds because it was easier than unbolting the carbs. The carbs, by the way have "250 main" written on the top of them hahaha. What we found was that the carb bodies and manifolds have been concentric bored as a unit. Dead smooth from one end to the other. And the intake valves are in taper cut guides, and the heads on those valves are probably 1.75"...so big you can see where they rewelded the ports to put the big seats in.

So then we pulled the timing cover, where we found the following:

Drilled, thinned, beveled, polished, you name it. Nicest timing gears I've ever seen. Through the inspection hole we could see that the crank has been lightened, and had Mallory metal added to the counterweights. It's got some sort of steel H beam rods, and I forgot to mention, they're attached to the big old pistons of a 750 Morgo kit. Oh, and we noticed right at the last second it's a 5 speed.

I can't wait to get into the thick of this project in a few months. I suspect it's going to be quick, and it's damn sure going to be trick!

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